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Mission Statement
The mission of Sarbat Ka Bhalla is to advance the knowledge of Sikhism and Sikh Faith in the United States and abroad by distributing free materials & Gurmat literature (which is soul enlightening & character building in nature) in Punjabi and English through various media, Gurmat Camps and Sikh Events.

Reason of Formation
The Sarbat Ka Bhalla is a non-profit organization independently operated out of San Jose, CA. without any affiliation to any existing organizations. We see a lack of education on Sikhism among both ourselves and our future generation, which has caused some to lose faith simply due to lack of knowledge and motivation of the Sikh Religion. We as a community seems to spend vast amounts of energy and money toward food preparation to feed only ourselves and the already fed and doing so leaves us with less time to listen read and understand Gurbani and the History of Sikhism. We would like to shift more of our focus toward education of the next generation. Wish to create awareness about the Universal Message in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Guru of human race.

We will purchase, produce and distribute books, literature, CDs, DVDs on the Sikh Faith in various media type in Punjabi and English to enlighten the younger generation of Sikhs and non-Sikhs. We will present information to the young students in school regarding Sikh traditions and related issues. We will work to arrange Classes, Lectures, Seminars, Gurmat Camps and Sikh Events. Non-ad news letters, emails, Internet media will also be used to spread awareness.

An important element of any organization is funding. Our initial funding will be provided by the organizing committee and willful donations from the Sangat thereafter. Donations will be appreciated by the committee to recover the cost and to continue this mission.

We are open to your valuable suggestions. We also ask that you support us for this ever-growing organization by contributing your share of knowledge or relevant information with us about our Gurus, Sikhism and Gurbani literature in general. Please contact us

“A Sikh family house without a Gurmat Literature is like a body without a soul.” :-Raj Budwal

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